Saturday, June 30, 2012

The M & M Girls

I picked up the Collie pups today and they are adorable!  I've named them Maya and Miri.  Poor babies had to have a bath as they threw up on each other and then ?played in it?  :-)  They've met all the older dogs and Spice and Maya has already taken up a bit of the "bark at the kitten" routine.  Maya thinks Arnold Kit-Kit is wonderful fun, Arnold is not so sure about this miniaturized version of what he usually sees. 
I'm sure they will not be with me long.  They are outgoing, fairly fearless and just want to be adored and played with.  Miri is doing great at the whole crate training thing, Maya has made her displeasure over being contained frequently known.  And then when she doesn't get her way she puts her head on her paws and pouts. 
Tomorrow I'll work on pics or video, they will get collars put on and we'll start some leash work.  Which reminds me that Ava and Cruz both need some work on gaiting.  Well, Ava needs work on gaiting--or at least keeping 2 feet in contact with the ground.  Cruz is still working on accepting the fact that in life there are collars and leashes and at various times he will need to wear them and walk at the same time.  I see all this taking place very early as it doesn't look to cool off for a while now. 
Until next time...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Adding and Subtracting

Just as I was about to get really down about Spice not having any babies, MWCR called and I'm getting two puppies to foster until they go to new homes.  It won't be a long foster I'm sure since puppies are so cute and easily placed.  But it does take my mind off of no Spice puppies.  I also get to name them, which I am honored to do.  So that is the addition part of the equation.  Subtracting is so much more difficult.  I have a couple of dogs that are still looking for great homes but I'm not terribly anxious to see them go.  I did a look around this week and know there are more than a couple of dogs that should be getting new homes around here.
Adding, subtracting, adding, sheesh if I had to throw long division or fractions in there I'd be in a true mess.

Until next time...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sad News

Spice is not having babies.  In fact Spice won't ever have babies again.  She developed a pyometra (uterine infection), got very sick and after 24 hours at the vet's office on i.v. fluids and antibiotics she was spayed yesterday morning.  While I'm sure she would rather have not gone thru all the yuckky vet stuff, I secretly think she is happy not to have to raise any more kidlets. 
Now I know why Taya was made available to breed to Declan.  So we will try for that when the time comes.  Kind of sad to know that there won't be more Spice-Bryce babies out showing, poor Reid has to carry that burden by himself. :-)

Until next time...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Gift

Arnold left me a "present" this morning.  A nice dead mouse on the porch.  Gee thanks Arnold!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Ups and Downs

Downs:  The dogs were up extra early today.  Ugh!  Ups: The weather is so nice this morning and they have had loads of play time before I head off to work.  Ups:  Fridays are half days for me - YIPEE!!  I am so outta there at noon.  Busy weekend ahead and I need to squeeze in time to put the whelping box together and clear out space for it in the bedroom.  Ups:  Spice is scheduled for her x-ray on the 6th and I am anxious to see how many babies she has in there. Love it when the Ups outweigh the Downs!

Until next time...

Friday, June 15, 2012


Tori and I are off to the MWCR Collie Frolic!  It's going to be one my patented quick trips north and back in a day but I am excited to meet more MWCR folks and their dogs.  And in keeping with my tradition of trying to accomplish as much in each trip as possible I'll be bringing back a Collie for and Iowa adopter YEA!! 
Of course what trip north would be complete without a new member of the gang?  Taya (Ch. Oak Knolls Olympic Souvenir) will be joining the household and will be bred to Declan (nr Ch. Oak Knolls Riverton).  Sahra and I are leasing her for a co-bred litter.  All sables in this one as Taya is pure for sable--so more brown dogs to choose from and hopefully lots of smoothies!
I've got a couple of pics of the kitten, who is definitely here to stay now, I named him so that means he is a keeper.  I'll try to get "Arnold" pics and some of the puppies and Taya up here on Sunday. 
So much to do, so little time...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Gift From Harold

Harold "found" a kitten today.  In a hay bale out by the cattle.  Dirty, matted, very thin and probably about 6 weeks old.  But bright eyed and no fleas!  So I caved and brought him in, gave him a bath in the kitchen sink, blow dried him, put him in Trace's vari kennel and fed him.  Luckily I have canned cat food on hand left from the winter when I feed the farm cats.  This baby is my favorite colors of yellow and white stripes.  He is now in the shed in his vari kennel with food, water and cushy blankies.  We'll see how he is in the a.m. 
I won't have indoor cats because I won't do a litter box, but if this little guy hangs around and continues to be friendly I'll have him neutered and vetted and maybe I'll have a cat that hangs out in the kennel building and shed and who knows maybe I'll add another kitty or two. 
Thanks Harold--see what you have done now???