Friday, March 30, 2012

Afraid to jinx it...

but I will say things are looking a bit more positive as of late.  I have a full time job, albeit temporary, although I'm not just too sure how temporary.  Things around here are a little uncertain and I suspect the higher ups are still sorting out what to do with the job I'm doing.  It's fun work, no sick people! and not stressful at all.  Whew!

I had decided not to take a puppy from the Musca-Hobbs breeding because things were so iffy financially.  But (knocking on wood) I believe we are going to pull thru.  So I'm going to take one of the little girls pending eye check results.  And I'm toying with the idea of bringing one of the Sally-Hobbs babies down for some training time--although I hear the girl is a terror. Of course that is the one that Becky would like me to take for a while.  Thanks a lot Becky!

Jenny and Carly go back home and Hope is off to meet her new family on Sat.  So I will be taking in another foster Collie.  At least this round it's -3 and +1 instead of -1 and +3.  I like it when the numbers work that way.  So here's to continued upward climbs and happiness....shhhhhh.....don't jinx it.  ;-)

Until next time...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mid Week Musing

Spring came early this year, heck, may as well call it summer for a few days that we have had.  It's been nice to open the house and the dogs really enjoy their times outside.  The grass has greened up and now I can really see how badly I need to re-seed some areas.  I think it's going to involve re-fencing some of the house yard and just doing it in sections.  Since the extra dogs from last year are gone now I can take down most of the kennel runs and make another big yard down below. 
It is official-in two weeks I will be sending out the last of the foster dogs from last May.  This weekend my other foster goes to his new home.  And Jenny and Carly's mom and dad will be back from Texas in a few weeks.  It's going to be pretty quiet here after that.  Well, okay, so for most people more than one dog isn't quiet, but hey it's a matter of perspective. 
I haven't given very much thought to shows this year except that Declan's final three single points are priority as well as dipping my toe back into the obedience ring with Spice and seeing where we are on that.   The plan is to stay as local as possible or one day only trips.  Working full time has it's advantages and necessity but it really cuts into my desire to train and leave the farm on the weekends to show.  And I don't even want to go into the ever rising gas prices.  Ugh.
That was a pretty boring post, we are pretty much just hanging out here in Iowa, waiting to see if it is going to rain, or be 90 or let's see...I'm sure snow in April will be on tap. 
Until next time...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Old Dogs Rule!

Lemmy, 11

Shortcake enjoying the new green grass.

Lemmy, 11

Shortcake, will be 12 in April.