Sunday, September 26, 2010


I'm baaack....
I just got tired of blogging and had too many other irons in the proverbial fire, but I have some down time now and so my hope is to blog more often for at least a while.  So what's up with this new title thing?

Sahra and I went to an ATTS (American Temperament Test Society) on Sat. and I tested Trace, Spice and Jam and all three passed!  So now all three can sport a TT after their name.  Here is a link to their website so you can see what we had to do:

On Sunday Sahra had Bryce and baby Reid in herding lessons so I tagged along and took some pics.  All I can say is Bryce is a herding maniac and Reid, according to the instructor is "very keen on sheep", and had not seen a puppy that young, so keen on sheep, especially in a Collie.  In fact he lamented the fact that he has not had any Collies that he has had any success with.  I think he is anxious to see Sahra, Bryce and Reid back.  So next time I'll tag along with Spice and see if we can give him another thrill.  :-)

More later as training is ramping up once again and we are after the next titles on the furry kidlets.  More pics too after I get them downloaded. 

Until next time...