Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Tale of 15 Cows

We have cows, they arrived last week, cute "little" buggars, you know little as in only 500 lbs each.  Seems that the arrival of the cows has brought in a few cattle rustlers as Rick "lost" 15 of them between last week and yesterday when he counted them for the vet visit. 
I am surprised at the guts it must take to back a trailer up to someone's barn and pilfer cattle in broad daylight.  How do I know it's daylight?  Because I'm home at night and there is no way anyone is getting a stock trailer into this property without Spice knowing about it.  That dog has bionic ears.  She can hear the barn cats going from the barn to the small building and that's from inside the house.  I know this because it happens occasionally at 3 a.m. - and what a joy that is.
It does make me a bit more cautious tho knowing that some one is around potentially watching and waiting.  So now I don't leave the keys in the car and I lock the house door when I leave.  I hope this doesn't mean that I will eventually either have to invest in either a .22 or a guard dog.  
Until next time...

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Introducing...Ava!  Ava is the blue smoothie girl from the Hobbs-Musca breeding.  She definitely has her daddy's big ears!  And the best of both her mom and dad in head detail.  Yep, there is one blue eye there just to add to her charm.  So that's 2 blues and 1 tri (unless you add in the Cardi and the BC who are both tris), which still does not balance out all the brown, but at least we are going in the right direction. ;-)

Until next time...