Monday, January 30, 2012


MyLinda found Ace earlier today!!  I'm ecstatic!  They are such a wonderful match and I'm happy that Ace will be snuggled safely in bed tonight.  Thank you to all of the wonderful people that helped spread the word, made posters and tromped around looking for the big lug.  Dog people ROCK!

Sunday, January 29, 2012



St. Paul Park, MN

Lost at: 8095 Grey Cloud Island Drive
... Age: 2 – 3 years old
Weight: 70 lbs
Breed: Rough mahogany sable & white collie
Wearing: Collar with MWCR tag #2912 and dragging a purple leash

Ace went missing last night. We need help getting flyers up around a 7 mile radius of his home ASAP. Where to put flyers:

• Tape mailboxes, do NOT put inside mailboxes
• Staple to telephone poles
• Businesses
• People walking

Flyer can be printed here:


We also need help searching for him. He is in the area where there is a river and lots of forested areas. You MUST get permission from the owner to walk their property if needed.

If spotted, do NOT chase. He is move comfortable around women than men, and he likes to play with smaller dogs. He loves hot dogs.

Sighting map:

Facebook group: Search for “Ace is Missing”

For sightings please call 651-246-4992

Friday, January 27, 2012


Oh boy, I have successfully taught my conformation, wanna be a grand champion dog, to sit.  And sit he does, and does and does.  Of course at the same time my obedience dog has decided that an automatic sit is something that I have just pulled out of the blue and expect her to know and not something she actually knows and has done in the past.  Gads!  Three weeks to re-teach Hobbs to stand and look pretty.  But I see a few sits in there popping up unexpectedly.  Hobbs did get a bath and blow out today and he looks so pretty.  Got him trimmed here and there to make him more polished appearing and did his nails.  He was utterly unimpressed by all the fuss.
Three more dogs to go before mid next week.  Gem is headed to IL, Harold to WI and Kit to MN for various adoptions and meet and greets.  I hope to get in a couple of trips to see new puppies along the way.  Tri girls, tri girls, tri girls...that is my new mantra.  
Okay, so back to the drawing board--need the conformation dog to stand and the obedience dog to sit.  Good thing she's not entered anywhere this month!
Until next time...

Monday, January 23, 2012

What to do, what to do...

Okay we are going to try to enter the next set of Des Moines shows.  I can only imagine what the weather will be like in February, it certainly was par for the course this past weekend for the January shows.  Now to keep my fingers crossed that nothing more falls off the vehicle and messes up these plans.  I know for sure that I will enter one dog all four shows but am up in the air between Declan and Hobbs.  It's the age old dog show question of where will my entry money do the most good for my dogs?  Declan is showing the weekend before up at the Collie Club of Minnesota.  I have no expectations for him to finish up there based on the one judge.  It's not the judge's fault, it's just that I know Declan will not be her particular style.  The other judge would be more likely to enjoy him but winner's dog for that show won't finish him just because it won't be enough points. I enter him all four Des Moines shows, hope he finishes at one of them and then bump him up to special and start working on his Grand I just enter him under the one judge that is most likely to find him in a large group of nice I just say forget it and enter him later this year looking for his last couple of minor points?  I am dreading that he will end up in the "I need one more point to finish" club--I think the majority of show people hate being in that club!  Then there is Hobbs.  I just want to get him his Grand Championship and have no intention of specialing him indefinitely since I have dogs coming out later in the fall and those entry fee funds only go so far.  Four shows would be a good start to maybe pick up a select or two, maybe we would even get blessed with a "left behind" (go read the AKC requirements for a grand Ch--I'm going to have to carry them along with me just to keep track).  But to enter Hobbs and Declan both for all four shows just isn't really feasible.  So if Declan gets entered at some or all that means messing with who to enter Hobbs under.  I hate not to enter him since there should be a nice entry of smooths that weekend. 
What to do, what to do...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Good Bye

Ace left for his new home this evening.   He did his "adopt me" job very well.  Ace is a big boy and plopped himself next to his new owner, sniffed, snuffled and finally kissed her.  There was much Collie puffing and sucking up.  We talked and his new owner is thinking about doing some obedience or agility with Ace.  I'm sure he will love everything about getting all the attention in the world. 


This is what 8 inch of snow makes out here, a few mild drifts except for the lane which needs to be plowed out.  The dogs had some morning fun - I left the gate open between two of the yards and the chase games were on! 
Gem - foster for MWCR


Let's see--Charlie, Ace(foster for MWCR), Trace, Spice and Harold

Charlie, Trace and Spice

Harold, Ace (foster) and I think Tori on he other side of the fence.  You can see the kennels still need to be scooped out. Stupid drifting.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Puppy

Since Reid is and will always be known as "The Baby", Philip will need to be "The Puppy" at least for a while.  Here is one of my favorite pics of him sleeping with his stuffed Collie toy. 
Introducing:  Philip!  From the Bryce - Lolli 2011 litter.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Here is Declan's major win photo from Land O Lakes!  He is now at 12 points with both majors and showing next at the Collie Club of MN hoping to finish there or at Des Moines in February.  Then onto some obedience/rally and hopefully in the spring some more herding.  Thank you Amy, Brian, Peppi and Rachel for producing such a nice boy and sharing him with me.  And especially to Amy and Brian for showing him when I couldn't so that he can be so close to finishing--thanks guys!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Major News

Declan (Oak Knolls Riverton, HIC) now has both of his majors!  He earned his second 4 point major today at the Land o Lakes show in St Paul.  Handled by one of his breeders, Amy Ross.  That puts him at 12 points and both majors.  Whew!  Now to chip away at the final 3 singles once he comes home. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012


The bad:  on the way to work on Wed. the wheel flew off the back of the car.
The good:  great people at Delaware County 911, the sheriff's dept. and Georgen Auto.

The bad:  I let Maddy go to the Bridge on Friday.  It was time, probably past time.
The good:  14 1/2 years with a wonderful dog who made me smile and laugh more often than not.

The bad:  Had to cancel entries for Des Moines so I could pay for the tow on the car.  Bummer.
The good:   Declan wins his first major, a 4 pointer, in St Paul today!  Shown by one of his breeders, Amy Ross.  I believe this puts him at 8 points/1 major.

Life is a balancing act.

Until next time...