Friday, March 18, 2011


Poor Declan hasn't gotten much blog time and Amy sent me pics from the CC of MN shows.  So I figured a quick blog post to give him his due.  Declan just turned 11 months and will just be 1 year old at the Collie Club of America National Specialty in April.  At his vet appointment he weighed 62 lbs and that is nothing but pure muscle.  He is at this time, the fastest dog on the place.  He has a huge stride and is structurally so sound that he is like watching a gazelle.  Add to that his sweet, bouncy attitude and a drive for herding that makes me think he'll be going far in that arena.  I can't wait to watch him continue to mature and see what 2011 has in store for him.  He is shown in these pics with his handler, John Jola.

I love his reach and drive!  With that head level with his back he looks like he could work for hours without a break.

Where's the chicken?

10 months old

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I took a bunch of pictures this afternoon on the dog's daily romp outside the dog yard.  Until the new cows arrive and/or crop planting begins they get at least one good long romp a day.  Once those activities start it'll be only the dog yard and supervised walks to the mailbox and back.  The plan is to put up fence in the other huge area, maybe in 2 sections to give the house yard a rest from the romping dog feet.  So enjoy the dogs on this beautiful sunny warm March day--I certainly did!


Spice's fluffy behind as she snoops in the lower yard

See the open area under the building?  Yea, so did the dogs...

Harold--wondering if he should even try.

Spice--she didn't think twice about going under there.

Declan on the wrong side of the fence--as usual! 

Declan with Trace in the background.

Like mother, like son...Reid's fluffy behind trotting out to the field

Harold finds something really really good smelling.

Old Maddy dog--she still manages to keep up with the youngsters.  She is amazing.

Baby Reid--not so much a baby anymore.

This is darn hard to see, but it's all the TRI dogs.  Declan, Trace and Charlie. 

Spice out in the field.  She loves to play farm dog.

Harold--also loves the farm dog thing.

My sweet Harold-monster. 

Trace on the hunt, or something like that.

Hey Guys!  Over here!

Yes, Trace is also on the wrong side of the fence.

Reid and Declan--the first to discover today's poopapalooza prize.

Oh Lord!  Reid!  You are supposed to be a show dog.  I think we should take him in the ring just like this.

Word travels fast in the pack--look everybody--petrified, muddy, semi-frozen cow poo!

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A trio of sable roughs.  Spice, Reid, Harold.  Proof that I have lost my mind.

Declan and Maddy.

Way to go dudes!  Corrupt baby Charlie--yea he got a taste of the poo too!

This is part of the yard I want to fence this spring.  Yes, there is agility equipment in the yard already--jumps and a short tunnel.  Once the snow leaves and the sun comes out that means spring, right?

Another section of the area I want to fence.

Trace leads the chase game with Spice and Declan following.

Trace and Reid enjoying a run.

Charlie--not his best side.

Trace and Reid.

Declan and Reid in the yard--imagine that!

Trace--he has matured into an even more gorgeous dog.  But he's happy to play farm dog now.


Harold--despite his lack of coat, he is an exceptionally pretty dog.  And no, that is his true color--it is NOT mud and dirt.  Although, it could be--I believe he carries about 5lbs of dirt in his coat at all times.  Spa treatment??

Declan and Reid playing.

Hard to see because of the shadows, this is Spice out by the barn.

I love this dog--Spice is so pretty. 

Jam-bringing up the rear.  All the other dogs had returned to the yard.