Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Here are some candid shots from the Sunday Dubuque show taken by Amy Ross of Oak Knolls Collies in MN. When you see Amy at a show, talk to her about her photography work--she is awesome!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


We definately had Something To Talk About this weekend. It was Rumor's first weekend out in the show world. On Sat. she just was not too sure this was such a great idea that mom had. I'm sure she was thinking something along the line of..."Oh terrific, I get to sit in a crate, it's noisy so I can't really nap, there is NOTHING to do in here, I get dropped onto a table and sprayed with various smelly items, walked around in this really odd world, asked to potty in a pen with sawdust (puhleeze, like I'm gonna do that!) and then mom thinks I'm going to stand and look pretty???"
At any rate Rumor performed like a puppy in her first show. She did okay. She moved around most of the ring, there was the brief appearance of the "mule" act, folded like a cheap suit on the table before I got her stacked up and won her class of one. :-)
Today was a much better story. By this time she is still bitchy about the whole boring crate thing, and still not happy about the smelly spraying stuff but she became her true self after a few walks around. Puppy class was pretty good, much better than the day before and she didn't fold on the table. She even had ears for the judge. Okay, by this time I'm feeling like I have a show dog and hey we will get some kind of ribbon again today. Then we won the class and I was happy-I met my goal of winning the class. At this point I'm so nonchalant about the whole thing I almost forget about Winners. The next time in the ring Rumor really has it figured out and gets some more speed up on the go arounds. This makes me really happy because I see a few tail wags and she's taking bait and using her ears. Success! I'm then made supremely happy by going WB! Woo Hoo--Go Rumor! At this point all I can think is great, we get another shot at having a good ring experience during BOB. By now Rue has found her inner show dog and I'm having to pick up the pace with a few running steps, she's giving ears and stacking herself up pretty well. We need to work on back feet, but hey I'm not going to complain at all. In the end she goes BOS and that makes it a 2 point win. Holy Cats Batman! I am tickled beyond belief.
Thank you thank you thank you to Sahra, Amy, Diana and Mac for your support this weekend. Special thanks to Diana and Mac for today's encouragement and show lead loan. And of course a big CONGRATULATIONS and HUGS for Rue's breeder and co-owner Jean! Thanks Jean for placing two of your best with me. First Trace and now Rumor...how can I say thank you enough? Perhaps a lifetime supply of chocolate??
Until next time...


What is the number one question on every dog show person's mind? "Why do we do this?" This question is inevitably asked at 5 a.m., after a 5 hour drive and the exhausting task of setting up at the show site. This weekend the question was asked, hey I asked it myself. (And yes, it was at 6 a.m.)
On Friday, Sahra came from LaCrosse and we loaded up the TB and headed to Dubuque where we got to stand in line with a dolley loaded with equipment just to get grooming space. Amy met us there shortly after the line started moving. Good timing on her part :-). I pushed a Golden Retriever friend of mine that was in line ahead of us, down one row to get her spaces and Sahra and I scoped out a whole row. Basically you have to imagine the three of us unstrapping crates and tables and throwing them out to save the space. Although I'm sure everyone around me heard my perfectly sane (at least to me) statement "I want this whole row". Which translates into--try and cross over into this space and I will pitch a hissy fit. :-)
After a quick unload we headed back to the farm where Jean had arrived with supper made, yummy sloppy joes! The time passes too quickly when we all get together and before you know it it's 5 a.m. on Sat and time to schlep to the show.
Sat. was a good day--Sahra and Calvin were WD,BOW,BOV in Smooth Collies for his first point! Amy and Bejing were RWD in Smooths. Then Amy and Sahra did a reverse in Rough Collies with Fletcher going WD and Bryce RWD. Diana and Mac arrived at the show on Sat and Mac earned a 2nd in Open Senior Jrs. The fun continued into Cardigans with Jean going RWB with Ebbie and Rumor making her debut. Mac and her new special Jenna were BOS. Sahra and Calvin had a blast in the group ring and had a nice cheering section, along of course with cheering for the Cardigan. Back to the farm for dog exercising, holy cow what an absolutely amazing experience. We did the dogs in large groups and Amy took some really great shots. Diana took puppy pics. And oh did the puppies play--Jean brought her three, with my one and Amy brought a Smoothie baby. Then onto a tasty crock pot roast dinner. See, I CAN cook, you almost always cannot screw up with a crock pot meal. Diana brought homemade bread to share and I pretty much begged her to leave the rest of it. She obliged. :-)
Today came bright and early again, although I think we had it more organzied. If we had a week to do this all it would run even more smoothly but then if we all had to spend a week together....just kidding guys! Unfortunately we lost a member of the "gang" this a.m.--Jean had an emergency call from home and had to pack up and leave instead of spending the day at the show. This was a huge bummer for all of us, we missed her terribly and I didn't get to highjack Flip. ;-)
It did turn out to be a stellar day for the bunch of us. Amy and Bejing were WD/BOW/BOV to finish his Championship!! Congratulations to Peppi--we missed her this weekend too and I'm so happy for her that Bejing finished this weekend! Woo Hoo!! Sahra and Calvin were RWD. Just a flip flop from yesterday. The trend continued with Amy and Fletcher going Rough Collies WD and Sahra and Bryce going RWD, Amy and Lyra going WB for her first point, and following up with Amy's Jordie going RWB. Big congratulation HUGS to Mary for Lyra's first point! Mac was 2nd again in Open Senior Jrs. After a pretty long break it was time for Cardigans. Rumor was much better today than yesterday and was WB/BOS for her first 2 points! More on Rumor in the following post.
So now I can answer the question--"Why do we do this?" For the good times like this weekend! Oh yea and those point things. ;-)
Until next time...

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Mother Nature has an interesting sense of humor. Today is the first day of Spring and last night we had snow. It wasn't alot of snow, maybe pushing an inch and as of 1:41 p.m. today it's all but gone. Now I have muddy spots again. I'm hoping for a day of sun and wind tomorrow so it dries up again and I can finish covering the remaining mud spots with mulch until the grass really takes hold. Of course with all the pounding of four feet some of those really shady spots are never going to see grass again, but I have a couple of ideas for later on. I am chomping at the proverbial bit to put up more fence and make more running room. If that wasn't subject to funding sources it would have been started already. Money is such an elusive creature.

Next weekend is the Dubuque show and I'm looking forward to debuting Rumor. It's going to be Motel Judy here with people and dogs all over the place. Collies and Cardigans Rule! Now to stand in line and get grooming space on Friday afternoon. Trace will get his CERF done with the beloved Dr. Betts. When he retires completely I will be crushed. I am hoping to get one last litter of Collie puppies born and checked with him before that happens. Spice is entered for what will likely be her last show for a while, although she might do rally in Waterloo depending on a myriad of what if's.

I suppose I should mosey along and at least vaccum the spare bedrooms. Those dang orange ladybug like creatures have created a few dead bug cemetaries. Time to suck 'em up.

Until next time...

Monday, March 15, 2010


I had Trace's hips and elbows done and called OFA today for results. You know me, I'm not patient enough to wait on the paperwork. Well to my complete delight he is OFA Good hips and OFA Elbows normal! I have his PRA test back and he is a non-carrier. He'll get CERF'ed in Dubuque and then be eligible for his CHIC number. The only other tests I'd like to complete this year on Trace are DM and Fluff.

Thank you Jean Runge for Trace! And thanks to his dam, Danni and his sire, Flash for passing down some awesome genetics and personality plus. Fingers crossed that time and money hold out this year so he can start accumulating those back end titles.

I just love my tri guy--Aroo Woo Woo as Trace would say!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Spring is in the air. Yes, I know it is only March 7th, but the signs are there.

Dogs are molting.
The temps are in the upper 30's.
Melting snow.
Removal of cow manure, etc being spread on the fields.
Floors that need to be mopped, again.
Dogs confined to crates until dry enough to brush out the mud.

So I have come to a hypothesis, SPRING=MUD. Apparently that college education is really paying off.