Friday, July 20, 2012


I have several wonderful dogs available to companion homes.  They are all spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, crate trained and housebroken and obedience training. 
7 year old sable Smooth Collie male who is very calm, easy going and the perfect couch potato who loves nothing more than a comfy dog bed and a bone to chew on.  He walks wonderfully on leash and is content to just be with his people.  He gets along with other dogs and would be fine in most households.  A home with kids over the age of 10 or even an apartment would suit this great dog.
4 year old sable Rough Collie female with obedience/rally titles and beginning agility and herding training.  She is moderately active, likes other dogs and kids of all ages.  No cats please.  She would be great in any home including 4H or juniors. 
3 year old sable Rough Collie male with rally titles.  He loves to play fetch and tug and go on walks.  A home with kids over the age of 10 would be best and he gets along fine with cats. 
Please contact me for pictures, video and more information.  References and a home visit are required. 
email: or phone 563-927-1430.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy and Sad

I have sad news to report.  Arnold the kitty is no longer with us.  Something killed him, either the big Tom cat or I think, one of the coyotes that roam the area.  I found him dead near the barn and buried him near "his building" that I had him living in.  I miss him very much, he had become a very sweet, loving kitten who bounded around and attacked my feet and purred in my ear. 
On the flip side, I have very happy news in that the two foster puppies both have new homes!  Maya leaves for WI and Miri is headed to the Twin Cities area.  They are both such wonderful puppies--I am overjoyed that they are getting such fine homes.  And our latest foster, Sadie, is trying out some new medication. If it goes well she'll be able to get her dental work done in a few weeks and I'm pulling for her to be adoptable in a couple of more months. 
Also on the happy and sad sides, Declan and I are heading for Winona in a couple of weeks still looking for that last point for his Championship.  I just hope that the knee I blew out (again) will be able to manage a couple of trips around the ring by then. 
Until next time...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Video Debut of the M & M Gals

Okay here is the link to the YouTube video - keep in mind that this is a $10 video camera and about $5 worth of video talent using it.  Also, I sometimes wonder, is it only puppies and babies that people make bizarre noises at??

Enjoy until next time...

As Promised...



Maya (l) and Miri (r)

First Pics of the Day

I promised video and/or pics today.  The morning flew by with the usual dog chores. I also put everyone out into either a yard or a run for three hours this a.m. while it was still reasonably cool, well not cool, but not steaming either.  Then after some house chores and the wonderful burning of garbage I reversed the process and brought everyone in to take a nice afternoon nap.  And it is so quiet in the house.  Everyone in a nice cool room or crate, water buckets filled with ice cubed water and...Maya and Miri have conked out!  Here is a picture of them in their crates in the living room.  While I curse the corgi crates because they don't fold easily, they do come in handy for crate training puppies!  Trace was more than happy to let me use them--after all he has a "big dog" crate or like right now my bed. 
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