Monday, February 20, 2012

Well, that was okey dokey

We didn't come home with any points this weekend but I call it a success anyway.  First, I managed to go to the show by myself with 2 dogs to show, 4 along for the ride, unload, set up and potty all of them without incident.  And my biggest accomplishment--groom Reid for the ring.  Thankfully Sahra had him ready to go except for chalking and fluffing.  I overestimated my physical ability to drive roundtrip on Friday and show twice--that up at 2 a.m. home at 9 p.m. did me in and I opted not to show on Sat.   I was proud of how Gus and Reid showed for me--especially Gus who actually behaved for the most part.  Reid and I have obvious issues with him thinking we are in play mode together, but it's okay, I just know that Sahra needs to show him and I need to be his play buddy.  On Sunday Reid had some absolutely lovely comments by two Collie people and it meant more to me than anything all weekend.  And we got to be there to see Amy and Fletcher get the major win in rough boys! So now Reid goes back to WI, Gus goes back to MN and I wait to enter Declan and finish his last three minors.  And there is a lovely little smooth girl with my name on it growing up to hit the ring in the summer.  Smoothies Rule--Roughies go to Sahra! :-)

Until next time!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Excited but...

I'm so excited for my first show of the year, but as usual waiting for the other shoe to drop.  So far, so good.  Car working - check.
Plan for the non-showing dogs - check.
Gus here - check.
Found all of my grooming and show stuff - check.
Found the hitch pin for the hitch plate - check. (Last year I had to buy a new one and then found the old one stuffed in a "safe" place).
Pantyhose - check.
Reserved grooming space verified - check.
One last "item" to pick up on Thursday - Reid!
Until next time...

Friday, February 10, 2012

And we are off like a herd of turtles, again

Tomorrow is another of those long round trippers.  We are off to the Minn-St Paul area to check out a new home for Kit, pick up Declan after he shows tomorrow (fingers crossed everyone that he finishes tomorrow!) and pick up Gus to show in Des Moines for Becky.  Hope is going along for the ride as she can use some more experiences and you never know who might fall in love with her.  She is so sweet and happy but everyone seems to fear her loss of vision in that one eye.  Plans are in the works to have her see another vet ophthalmologist who may be able to do some laser surgery on the other eye to help prevent that retina from detaching as well. 
I do believe it will be early to bed for all of us tonight!
Until next time...


Just a couple of quick pics of Biscotti--son of Shorty, half brother to Spice.  The first is on his favorite doggy bed, the second is his "hey--it's getting a little late for dinner isn't it?" look.
He did have a lovely new collar which Charlie semi-destroyed.  It's a Lupine so thankfully I can send it back for a replacement.  I love this collar-it is so Biscotti--bones with an argyle pattern.  Very distinguished.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Once more with feeling

I am thinking happy thoughts since I have a trip planned to WI again on Tues, MN on Sat. and Des Moines the following weekend.  Then of course it's back to WI and MN to return dogs, etc.  And I want to see puppies again!
Musca and Hobbs' babies are simply to die for!  At three days I count one pet and 5 show prospects. They are all huge and healthy and stunning with loads of chrome and just for John, silvery blues.  I would like to publically thank Musca for providing one stunning tri girl without white factoring! 
Sally and Hobbs' babies are due any minute and I am looking forward to squeezing them this weekend.  Declan comes home this weekend too--I've missed my big bubba boy.  Reid and I are going to play show dog in Des Moines--all huge majors and he is just gorgeous and getting better every day.  Thank you genetics!  I'm also getting the honor of showing a certain blue pup-pup for Becky.  Yep, got my running shoes on for both of the boys!
Until next time...