Saturday, June 8, 2013

Around The Town

 I have been trying to take pics of things I do with Ben--sometimes the camera works well, sometimes it doesn't.  Which is why I have no pics of him graduating from 2nd Grade and only one of Friday Chess Nights.  It's been a fun couple of months!
PS You will note I finally figured out how to get the dates correct on my camera!

Subbing in for mom and dad at Book Author Day
Waiting for the game to begin


Halftime Break

Uh - Oh! Man down!!

Second Grade Graduate!!

Ben posing under the newspaper article about himself
Ben and his 2nd Grade teacher-Ms. Kelly

A typical Friday Chess night at Tropical Smoothie

Bowling--those Wii lessons are really paying off!

Just a little excited over his bowling wins

Germantown Charity Horse Show Grand Prix

Ben-- the horse photographer

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