Thursday, February 21, 2013

Going, Going, Gone...

The end of 2012 was rough, and I don't mean Collie coat type.  Just a bit of humor there to lighten the mood.  I've had ongoing physical problems and my knees are totally shot now along with a weird left hip thing pending an orthopedic appointment whenever the University of Iowa can find a spot (don't get me started about the long wait on this process).  It breaks my heart to think about it and to do it, but I have had to re-home dogs.  I can't physically care for as many dogs as I used to.  And showing is out.  I've tried a few times in 2013 to show and paid monumental prices for it.  I just cannot do it anymore, but will be on deck for the CCA National Specialty to help groom, hold, organize, etc. with my Collie friends. 
Trace went back to Jean in MN who found him a wonderful new place to call his own. Harold went to a wonderful family in Kansas City and has two kids of his own that are spoiling him every day and plenty of sofa time, Declan went to Harold's relatives in Illinois, a lovely couple that he took to right away and where he doesn't have to share any of the attention.  Eli returned home to MN with Becky and Carl and has become Carl's new best friend. And of course since I'm done training and showing Gus, he'll go back to his mom soon.  Ava and Taya are heading to Wisconsin to Sahra and John so I have absolutely no worries about how they will be living.  I think we are all hoping to get Ava a nice performance home, preferably agility, where she could shine.  And the "winter girls" will be heading home in a few weeks when their mom and dad get back from Texas.  Biscotti still needs a home, not everyone wants to take on an 8 year old, but he is such a couch potato, his motto in life is "eat, sleep, repeat".  A cushy sofa, a lap to lay his head in, a few cookies and two squares a day are all he desires.  I suppose the occasional walk would be okay too, followed of course by a nap.

It'll be awfully quiet in the house with just a few dogs, but just think how fast dog chores will be :-)

Until next time...

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